George W. Bush for Governor Buttons

Buttons Shown from the Collection of  Ronald Wade
Some of the many political campaign buttons from the campaign of George W. Bush. These are not for sale.

The "Ron Wade supports" button was an official button from Montgomery County, Texas' Republican effort in 1994. Supporters names were added to make one-of-a-kind souvenirs. A nearly identical version changed to wording for his Inaugural to "Our Governor" instead of "For Governor."

Bush County Chairman Badge from 1994
One of the scarcest of Bush items, given only to county chairmen for the campaign. Made in the likeness of a Texas Ranger's badge, referring to Bush's connection to another Texas Rangers group--his baseball team at the time.

More George W. Bush Gubernatorial Buttons
The Fort Bend County Button comes from the fastest growing county in the nation. The middle rectangle button was given out election night by the campaign while the bottom rectangle was the official Inaugural button.